Monday, January 7, 2008

65 Amps London 18 Watt

65 Amps London
Have you ever dreamed of having two classic and distinct amps in one chassis? How about a vintage Vox with an EF86 preamp and a Marshall 18 Watt with tremelo? Well, you can open your eyes because the 65 London 18 Watt Combo is exactly that! This class A tube amp, contains two channels with their own preamp section, all driven by El84's and an EZ81 tube rectifier for that natural compression. I recently took the London Combo, loaded with a Celestion G12h30 speaker, for a test run, and I was blown away!

I plugged in a Les Paul for maximum overdrive, and tried out the Vox voiced channel. This channel has a Volume, Tone, a 6-way Color knob for extended Bass and Gain, and a footswitchable top boost! I couldn't believe how good this channel sounded. That classic Vox chime oozed out of the London, with the Color control helping to dial in the right amount of bottom end. Whether it be classic Beatles tunes or your favorite Peter Buck riff, the first channel will take you there. The volume of 18 watts cranked up is also perfect for small gigs as well as recording.
The second channel has a classic Marshall grind. It's a smooth and creamy overdrive, without the shrill top end of a Plexi. This amp also cleans up as you roll the guitar volume back. It' s rare to find an amp that sounds good without pedals, but you can easy go from sparkly clean with plenty of volume to a nice distortion You can crank up the Volume and Tone controls for maximum gain and roll the presence off with the global Cut control. This Cut control is located in the Power section, so you can round off the tone very nicely. The footswitchable tube Tremelo has your standard Intensity and Rate controls. The range of Trem speeds is highly usable and it's not hard to get classic pulsing tones. The Celestion G12H is my new favorite speaker for 1x12 combos due to its warm top end frequencies and tremendous low end, without the mud.
65 Amps prides themselves on using the highest quality components and handwired techniques, just like the amplifiers of the 60's. It's easy to see what the buzz is all about with Peter Stroud and 65Amps. For more info on the 65 London Combo or other models, check out
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Vincenzo said...

Wow. That looks like something amazing right there. I was just browsing the net looking for amps that would be a great gift for my bro. I wonder if he will like this one? How much would you say it is? Is it beginner friendly?